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What is Hotpod Yoga?

I opened Hotpod Yoga Margate after I had fallen in love with it where I lived in London. I couldn't imagine living without it so I opened my very own when we relocated to Margate.


At Hotpod Yoga, hot Vinyasa Flow yoga classes are held in portable inflatable heated pods These pods are one-of-a-kind designed from scratch for a perfect hot yoga environment.

Expect a yoga session that works for real life humans - feeling that office hunch? Feeling a bit worse for wear after a night out? Suffering from tight runner muscles? Sweat and stretch out all the kinks and blow away the cobwebs in the pod.

The warmth of the pod means you don’t need to spend as long warming up as your muscles are more limber in the heat - classes can be shorter and get you right into the action. And as soon as that door is zipped closed behind you, the darkened, cocoon-like environment quickly quiets the busy mind. Add bergamot scents and fantastic tunes, and you’ve got a fully immersive experience that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and energised post-workout!

Classes are modern, accessible and friendly. Book into any of the classes online or using the app. 

Hotpod Flow-faster vinyasa flow-more cardio and strength

Nurturing Flow-slower holds poses longer, more like a yin style class


The HotPod yoga, Margate, whisper reached Sandwich town and I had to try it.


After my first - free - class, with Meegan, I was hooked. The dark pod, flow of yoga poses and the feeling of having worked on body strength plus a full stretch was really fulfilling. 


I immediately signed up for the seven day intro and, from memory,  I attended 6 classes in 7 days.  Progressed to a 10 class pass and then upgraded to a full membership as I knew I had found a form of yoga - and exercise - that I could enjoy forever: no mirrors, no judgement and friendly members.


The additional day retreats and workshops aid my practice and yes, I try them all (without any sales pressure!)


The teachers are so knowledgeable and supportive, making every class different. They are always ready to answer any questions and demonstrate alternative poses for all levels of practice.


In particular,  Meegan is always on the end of a message with a quick reply and a full retreat is top of my wishlist.


I genuinely cannot recommend HotPod Yoga, Margate enough.


As a new mother Megan welcomed me back to yoga with such kindness.


I had lost all confidence in myself and my abilities. To be reminded that yoga meets us where we’re at, and just being on the mat is a brilliant achievement is such helpful advice.


Loving our bodies today and carrying kindness in our hearts and out of class always resonate from Megan’s heartfelt style of teaching.


Plus she is such a fun, personable, infectious Character you just want to be around!

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