15 years of teaching 



Impower. Inspire. Community.

Are you struggling with any of these issues and want to start

to see real change?

  1. Not enough time for yourself?

  2. Not enough time to see faster, bigger results in your practice?

  3. Limiting self beliefs?

  4. Feel run down and not looked after?

  5. Unfit, back pain, inflexible?

  6. Tired?

  7. Don’t like the gym?

  8. Don’t get time to focus on what makes your feel good?

  9. Want to learn meditation and breath-work?

  10. Looking to start morning practices, goal setting, intention setting, self care?

  11. Knowledge and use of muscles, proprioception and empowered in yourself?

  12. Destress?





Helen, Architect

I could not recommend this more. My aching limbs the day after a 1:1 session with Megan have taught me how much more I can be doing in each posture! This was invaluable.

Hughie, Musician

I was convinced that I would never be good at yoga and that I would never be flexible. Classes with Meegan have made me feel comfortable, confident and she has always given me ways to do poses so I still feel a part of the class!

Harriet, CEO

I was run over when I was 16 and broke many bones, including my pelvis. I have always had back pain and used to get steroid injections. Since I started doing Hotpod Yoga with Meegan I haven't had a steroid injection. That was 4 years ago! 

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